Continued Summer-Like Weather in the Czech Republic, With an Indian Summer on the Horizon

The Czech Republic is set to experience a continuation of summer-like weather, with temperatures remaining warm into the next week. Although a weekend cooldown is expected to briefly lower temperatures below 20°C on Saturday and Sunday, meteorologists anticipate the return of an Indian summer.

According to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová, a fluctuating cold front will begin affecting the country’s weather starting from Friday, leading to a weekend cooldown. However, this will be followed by a warming trend and the resumption of summer-like conditions next week.

Thursday’s weather is expected to be mostly partly cloudy or clear, with occasional morning fog or low clouds. Afternoon temperatures will reach 23-27°C, with slightly higher temperatures of up to 28°C in the Polabí and Poohří regions. The eastern parts of the country can expect fresh winds.

Friday will start partly cloudy, but cloud cover will increase from the west, bringing the possibility of rain or showers, occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms. Morning temperatures will be warm, around 17°C, with daytime highs ranging from 21-24°C. In the western regions, temperatures will be slightly cooler, hovering around 19°C.

Saturday, September 23, marks the beginning of astronomical autumn, marked by the autumnal equinox. Saturday is expected to be the coolest day of the week, with afternoon temperatures dipping below 20°C. Cloudy skies with rain or showers are anticipated, gradually diminishing from the northwest in the afternoon. Morning temperatures will range from 14-10°C, while afternoon highs will be in the range of 14-19°C.

On Sunday, there will still be some precipitation in the form of rain or showers in the eastern parts of the country. The rest of the country can expect mostly cloudy to partly cloudy conditions, with morning lows ranging from 11-7°C and afternoon temperatures reaching 16-20°C.

As the new week begins, temperatures will rise once again, accompanied by occasional fog or low clouds. Monday will feature mostly clear to partly cloudy skies, with morning temperatures between 10-5°C and daytime highs ranging from 21-25°C.

Tuesday will follow a similar pattern, with morning lows between 11-7°C and daytime temperatures expected to reach 22-26°C.

Wednesday will bring a further increase in temperatures, with mostly partly cloudy to clear skies. Morning temperatures will range from 12-8°C, while afternoon highs will reach 23-27°C.

The transition from summer to autumn in the Czech Republic appears to be marked by fluctuations in weather conditions, with a brief cooldown followed by the return of warmer and sunnier days.

Article by Prague Forum

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