Covid is receding in the Czech Republic, the number of infections, patients and deaths is decreasing

Prague – The summer wave of covid in the Czech Republic is slowing down for the second week in a row. Tests have confirmed 12,693 new cases of infection with the new type of coronavirus over the past seven days. A week earlier there were over 15,000. Hospitalizations also decreased and the number of deaths of people with covid decreased. The number of infected people in a week-to-week comparison has been falling continuously since July 28. This follows from statistics on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The number of confirmed cases of covid infection since the beginning of the epidemic in March 2020 exceeded four million this week. Hygienists recorded the most new cases in the last seven days on Monday, when 2,949 cases were added to the statistics. The lowest number was traditionally on Sunday, namely 277.

The lowest weekday increase in the last week was Thursday, when tests revealed 1,929 cases. That was a tenth less than the same day the previous week, and also the first weekday since mid-July when the increase was less than 2,000 cases.

Not only newly confirmed cases, but also the number of suspected re-infections show a downward trend. In the last seven days, there were less than 5,000, while a week earlier there were 5,578. There are 294,000 cases of so-called reinfection during the entire duration of the epidemic.

However, the number of examined samples was also lower. In the last seven days, the laboratories did less than 50,000 antigen and PCR tests. 7,600 less in a week-on-week comparison.

The number of hospitalized patients with proven covid is also falling. There were 1,049 in hospitals this Thursday, almost a fifth less than a week ago. However, the number of patients in serious condition stagnates at 36.

In contrast, the number of deaths of people with a positive covid test dropped significantly. In the last seven days, according to interim statistics, 58 have died, compared to 94 a week earlier. Since the start of the epidemic, a total of 40,619 people have died from covid, of which 110 were in August this year.

According to experts, vaccination protects against a serious course of the disease. However, interest in coronavirus vaccines is declining. In the past week, health workers administered roughly 30,000 doses. In the seven previous days, there were more than 32,600.

So far, approximately 6.89 million people in the Czech Republic have been fully vaccinated against covid. The first or second booster doses were applied by the health workers to approximately 4.36 million.

The number of confirmed cases of covid-19 in the regions over the last seven days per 100,000 people:

End Confirmed cases in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants
Prague 154
Moravian-Silesian 128
Olomouc 122
Zlínský 122
South Moravian 121
Královéhradecky 120
Central Bohemia 119
Ústí 112
Pardubice 106
Liberecký 104
Karlovy Vary 101
South Bohemian 97
Pilsen 93
Highlands 88

Source: Ministry of Health

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