Czech President Appoints Josef Baxa as Chairman of Constitutional Court, Civil Law Professor Katerina Ronovska as Deputy Chair

Czech President Petr Pavel yesterday appointed former Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) head Josef Baxa as chairman of the Constitutional Court, to replace Pavel Rychetsky in the post as of Tuesday. Civil law professor Katerina Ronovska was appointed as the deputy chair of the court.

In a significant appointment to the Constitutional Court, Josef Baxa, who has served as a Constitutional Court judge for almost two months, has been appointed as the new chairman. Baxa’s vast experience in the judiciary, including his tenure as head of the newly established Supreme Administrative Court for 15 years, and his contributions to the development of the administrative judicial system, played a pivotal role in the decision.

President Pavel expressed his appreciation for the outgoing head, Pavel Rychetsky, and his significant influence on the entire court. Rychetsky’s professional and personal qualities have contributed to the court’s high authority in the Czech Republic, earned through the justifications and presentations of its decisions.

Katerina Ronovska, head of the civil law department at the Faculty of Law of Brno’s Masaryk University, has been appointed as the deputy chair of the court. Recommended by the university in April, Ronovska brings extensive experience in civil law and has been a member of the government’s Council for Research, Development, and Innovation since last September.

President Pavel expressed confidence in Ronovska’s capabilities, stating that she will be a valuable asset to the court, given her background in defending private law, preparing representatives of the judicial system, experience abroad, and involvement in civil society and non-profit organizations.

The Constitutional Court currently has one vacant post after the departure of judge Vladimir Sladecek, and the terms of office of Pavel Rychetsky and Ludvik David will end at the beginning of August. Later this year, President Pavel will have to submit one more candidate for the post of Constitutional Court judge, as Radovan Suchanek’s mandate will end on 26 November.

The appointments to the Constitutional Court, which are made by the president with the consent of the Senate for a ten-year term, have been met with Senate approval. Alongside Baxa and Ronovska’s appointments, Veronika Krestanova, vice-chairwoman of the Prague Municipal Court, and Robert Fremr, former vice-chairman of the International Criminal Court, were also approved by the upper house of parliament this week, awaiting official appointment as judges. The ongoing nominations and appointments demonstrate the commitment to maintaining the court’s strength and integrity in upholding the Czech Republic’s constitution and legal principles.

Article by Prague Forum

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