Czech Republic Ends All COVID Travel Restrictions

The Czech Republic has joined most of its European counterparts and has lifted all COVID-19 travel restrictions for both foreign tourists and Czech citizens.

Travelers will no longer need to fill out an arrival form or submit proof of vaccination or a previous infection when returning from abroad.

However, it is still recommended that travelers verify the protocols directly with their method of transportation, such as an airline.

“We are very happy all the travel restrictions have been lifted which aligns perfectly with the newly relaunched direct flights on Delta between NYC and Prague planned for the summer season,” Michaela Claudino, director of Czech Tourism USA & Canada, said in a statement.

The Czech Republic was hoping to protect its ranking in the World Peace Index to maintain its benefit as a tourism draw. The World Peace Index evaluates a wide range of safety aspects of the destination and is anticipating a strong recovery during this year’s summer season due to falling numbers of COVID cases and a pent-up demand for travel amongst consumers.

“The Czech Republic has maintained its place in the world’s top 10. This topic is important in the marketing communication of the destination across segments, both towards the tourists themselves and especially at the level of B2B marketing, when it is necessary to assure our partners from large travel agencies or conference organizers that the Czech Republic is an objectively safe place for their clients,” CzechTourism director Jan Herget said.

For the latest insight on travel around the world, check out this interactive guide:


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