Czech Republic looks to strengthening cooperation with Qatar in modern projects: Official

Doha: Qatari-Czech relations are expected to witness great developments in the next few years, the First Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Vera Kovarova, said on Tuesday.

Speaking during an interview with QNA, the Czech official noted that the brotherly relations between Qatar and the Czech Republic, whose foundations are laid by the wise leadership of the two countries, are solid and deep.

She added that the meetings of the Amir, HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, and the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, will have a strong and direct impact on the relations between the two countries in many important areas, especially in the energy and agricultural sectors.

“Qatar is witnessing rapid growth in all fields and at all levels, and it is impressive to see how the country is working hard to develop the local infrastructure, increase gas production, and other economic matters that have been praised by world economists,” Kovarova said.

She added that they are looking forward to enhancing cooperation between the two countries and exchanging experience in a number of modern and advanced projects.

The Czech official stressed that the mutual visits and joint meetings between investors and businessmen in the two countries contributed to raising the rate of trade exchange and provided an important platform to discuss various partnerships in many projects and for a broader view of feasible investment opportunities in a number of promising sectors between the two countries.

“There are many areas that contribute to deepening bilateral cooperation between the two countries, especially in the health, real estate, tourism, and agricultural sectors, because the Czech Republic has a long history in these areas, and because the Czech economy is one of the promising economies in Europe, which carries with it great future potential for investment,” Kovarova noted.

The first deputy speaker praised the legislative and legal environment in Qatar that attracts investment, the non-bureaucratic administrative system to facilitate the work of companies, tax exemptions granted to investors, and investment incentives in all economic sectors.

She stated that the meeting of Qatari-Czech businessmen last June worked to strengthen commercial and industrial cooperation relations and investment opportunities available in the two countries, as well as cooperation between business owners in the two countries and the possibility of establishing alliances that enhance trade and investment exchange. She pointed out that the Czech trade delegation included many companies active in the sectors of manufacturing, energy, real estate, finance, health, and others, as this delegation came to Qatar to learn about the available investment opportunities, meet with Qatari business owners, and discuss establishing bilateral partnerships, which would set a new stage for Qatari-Czech trade relations, stressing the depth of relations between the two countries.

Regarding investment in the Czech Republic, Kovarova stressed that tourism is one of the most important sources of national income in the Czech Republic, as the state possesses a distinctive nature and multiple archaeological monuments, as well as a reputation for its natural mineral water springs that many people visit from all over the world that contribute to the treatment of various diseases.

She added that the Czech Republic also relies heavily on the commercial sector in the disposal of its industrial products, as well as importing power generation elements, so oil and natural gas are among the most important imports in the Czech Republic, which it imports mostly from Germany and Norway. The Czech Republic is also one of the most active commercial markets in Europe, and the real estate field is one of the most important economic areas in the Czech Republic, where many foreign investors come to buy homes that overlook the scenic landscape.

Regarding FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Kovarova confirmed that Qatar’s hosting of such a great event will reflect positively on Qatar in the first place and on the region in general, adding that this hosting reflects the greatness of achievement of Qatar in that it can host huge global events, which is another opportunity for Qatar to prove its capabilities and to present itself to the world in a big way, which creates many opportunities.

She described the completion of all stadiums for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as a great achievement, despite the obstacles and challenges over the past years, stressing that she is sure that Qatar will organize a very successful and amazing World Cup.

She also expressed her country’s readiness to contribute with its experience to the success of the World Cup through the exchange of knowledge.


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