Czechia Includes Children of Foreigners With Long-Term Residence in Public Healthcare System

Children of foreigners with long-term residence in the Czech Republic now have access to public health insurance, the authorities have announced.

In line with an amendment that the government of the Czech Republic approved, significant changes for children of foreigners with long-term residence are brought, with insurance premiums for them being paid by their parents at the rate equal to minimum insurance contribution, reports.

“The approved amendment brings significant change for children with a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic, as it ensures their inclusion in the public health insurance system,” the statement of the EU Commission reads, welcoming the changes.

As the Commission explains, until such a change entered into force, children of foreigners with long-term residence in Czechia had the possibility to be insured under the commercial insurance system. However, the insurance companies were not obliged to insure them.

Consequently, some of the children, mainly those in poor health, became uninsurable, which was highly inconvenient for them.

In addition, the limitations that were imposed on the reimbursement for health services were low in the system of commercial insurance, and for this reason, children were able only to use a limited number of facilities.

The Migration Consortium was one of the NGOs that participated in the comments procedure for the above-mentioned changes, and as soon as new rules were introduced, it welcomed the government’s decision.

“This is a major success, which is the result of the long-term advocacy work of our team,” the Migration Consortium said.

According to the Migration Consortium, it is important that limitations to insurance for this group of people have disappeared. The NGO also said that it expects other changes benefiting children of foreigners to be introduced in the future too.

Further details on the matter as well as on the procedures that this group of people need to follow, are expected to be announced soon by the relevant authorities.

Apart from the above-mentioned, the Czech Republic has also reminded Ukrainians once again of their rights to access the healthcare system.

Currently, refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic are entitled to health services that are covered by public insurance.

Nonetheless, observations have shown that while those who use the services appreciate their financial accessibility, they have also experienced unequal treatment and have also been subject to refusals to be treated by medical providers.

For this reason, it has been urged that the country maximises the potential of refugee health personnel and strengthens the intercultural competencies of health professionals, among others.


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