Embassy of Ukraine in Prague / Velvyslanectví Ukrajiny v Praze

This year, the whole world has learned that Ukraine is a country of brave people.

Now, we have a chance to tell foreigners about how Ukrainians became who they are. We can share our culture, identity, history, and values. That is why Ukrainian Institute – Український інститут and EdEra have developed a free online course “Ukrainian Culture: Understanding the Country and Its People.”

Ten scholars from different fields present ten topics, covering the essential aspects of Ukrainian culture:

👉 Ukrainian Language and Literature: Origins and Development
👉 Freedom, Dignity, and Solidarity in Ukraine’s Culture
👉 Between Byzantine and Rome: Religion in Ukraine
👉 Ukrainian Women in History
👉 Ukraine as a Cultural Frontier
👉 City and Village
👉 Food in Ukrainian Culture
👉 Avant-garde in Ukraine and the Legacy of the Executed Renaissance
👉 Ukrainian Art and War
👉 Ukrainian Culture and the World

The lectures will help learners understand Ukrainian culture, identity, and society.

Besides video lectures, the course offers additional sources: texts, videos, and online resources that will deepen one’s knowledge.

The course is free. Register, learn, and share: http://bit.ly/3UEleDG.

The online course “Ukrainian Culture: Understanding the Country and Its People” has been developed by the Ukrainian Institute and online education studio EdEra with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

All visuals, photographs, and video materials are taken from open public sources and used exclusively for educational purposes.


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