Faltýnek offered to negotiate it… What was going on at the ANO headquarters, where no one was allowed to go?

Are the old days coming back? It doesn’t look like it. Although Jaroslav Faltýnek was a much-inflected name during the tenure of Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (2014-2018), in 2022 the reality is quite different. Patrik Nacher and Ondřej Prokop are basking in the limelight of the movement in Prague, who, as it seems, do not need his help in principle.

PrahaIN.cz learned that the former superstar of the movement repeatedly offered help to some representatives already during the counting of elections. It was supposed to relate mainly to coalition negotiations. Everything happened behind closed doors on the fourth floor of the headquarters, where journalists were not allowed.

Even so, we spoke with two men who described Faltýnk’s role quite accurately.

Although it was nothing revolutionary, it can be seen that the situation has completely changed compared to previous election periods. And Faltýnka’s role in Prague is significantly marginalized. “He said he would help negotiate, so I thanked him,” the first source told our editors.

“He offered to help, I can confirm that,” added our second source. In both cases, it was the Prague representatives of the movement. They didn’t refuse help, but they didn’t accept it either.

We just thanked him

“We know those people a little better than Jaroslav Faltýnek, so I don’t really know what should be negotiated as a medium,” both agreed later.

By the way, they are satisfied with the results of the elections in Prague. They expected something like sixteen percent. The “licked” twentysomething is said to be above everyone’s expectations.

Jaroslav Faltýnek, to complete the topic, according to other sources of ours, left the closed premises of the movement’s headquarters around half past ten in the evening. The TOGETHER coalition won the elections in Prague, it has nineteen representatives. ANO finished second with fourteen. Lenka Vedralová was the last to reach the municipality for him.

Jaroslav Faltýnek’s influence on the course of the ANO campaign, about which we are very carefully informed, was practically zero.


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