Governmental Relations 

We are able to assist you as for the establishment, consolidation and long-term orientation of your relationships with the governmental authority of the country.  We can organize meetings where you can represent your activities and your interest to the competent representatives of the Czech authorities. We will help with the follow-up.

A dialogue with governmental authorities is often a very effective mechanism for becoming aware of the current relevant legislation and of opportunities.  We have established a good relationship with various layers of the Czech administrative authorities and we are able to assist. The whole process happens in full respect of current laws and rules


The importance of establishing relationships with governmental authorities takes multiple forms,  The Czech legislation is written in line with EU requirements, still there is often a need of obtaining clarification from those very authorities in charge of enforcing it. This can happen through formal and also fully legitimate informal channel. A further example : Tender announcements, regularly published, may contain unclear terms or leave room for further clarification. These are basic examples of the usefulness of establishing governmental relations. In other cases, the State can itself become a supplier or  a client

The Prague Forum is able to guarantee a safe, fully legal and effective process of establishing governmental connections for those companies with an interest in it.