Kenya and Czech Republic in trade, investments agreement

The Czech Republic and Kenya have agreed to enhance trade and investments between the two nations.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and President William Ruto while issuing a statement at State House, Nairobi, said the two countries stand to gain from enhanced cooperation.

“I reaffirm Kenya’s commitment to deepening and broadening our relationship with the Czech Republic and looking forward to many more fruitful engagements in future,” Ruto said.

Ruto noted that Kenya and the Czech Republic have shared warm and friendly relations since 1993 when the country formally recognised the European country.

“There is immense potential to broaden and deepen our partnership,” Ruto added.

He revealed that the two had discussed ways of enhancing trade and investments.

“I encourage the business delegation accompanying the Prime Minister to explore various opportunities in Kenya,” Ruto said.

“The opportunities are not limited to 52 million Kenyans but they extend to the EAC community with a population of 350 million people, also the tripartite agreement of EAC, COMESA and SADC with a population of 750 million people and the entire continent with 1.4 billion people.”

He urged the Czech Republic to consider establishing a hub in Nairobi and use it as a gateway to the broader region.

“We have agreed to establish a business council which will serve as a platform for bilateral talks for the private sector consultations and engagements,” he said.

The President said he was confident that Kenya and Czech will witness high levels of commercial and trade activities with the agreement.

“Kenyan offers a compelling array of benefits unmatched in the region,” he stated.

Fiala, who is in Kenya for a three-day state visit termed ties between Kenya and Czech Republic as excellent.

“I hope official contact will be frequent. I want to see you (Ruto) in Prague soon,” he stated while acknowledging Kenya has been an economic partner in Africa.

Fiala said he wants to see Czech companies invest in Kenya and more goods traded between the two countries.

“I appreciate the common project to save the Northern White Rhino from extinction,” he stated.

Ruto said he will look for opportunities for more tourist, official and business visits.


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