Koulař Staněk won bronze at the European Championships

Munich – Shot putter Tomáš Staněk won a bronze medal at the European Championships in Munich and took care of the first valuable metal for the Czech athletics team. With a performance of 21.26 meters, he finished third behind the winner Filip Mihaljevic from Croatia (21.88) and Armin Sinančević from Serbia (21.39).

Staněk, European indoor champion from last year, received his first medal from the outdoor championship at the age of 31. At both the 2017 World Championships and the 2018 European Championships, he took an unpopular fourth place.

A performance of 21.05 from the second series would be enough for him to be on the podium. With the third attempt, Staněk improved to 21.26, but did not add more. He thus lagged behind the performance of the morning qualification, in which he demonstrated 21.39 meters on the very first attempt, and the recent meeting in Luxembourg. There he showed excellent form with a performance of 21.94, with which he came seven centimeters closer to his own Czech outdoor record.

In Munich, he had the best performance of the registered throwers this year, so he did not hide his embarrassment from third place. “Of course I’m sorry. I felt great in the qualda. I probably can’t be satisfied,” Staněk told Czech Television.

He struggled with technique in the final. “I knew I had the Croatian as well, but I was so tight. I couldn’t separate my legs from the top to overtake the ball and leave it behind. A lot of throws stayed in my hand, it didn’t put any strain on my fingers at all. It’s a shame.” stated the manager of Petr Stehlík, who has in his collection a complete set of medals from the European indoor championships and a bronze from the indoor world championship in 2018.

At the open-air continental championship, he won a medal as the first Czech shot putter since 1982, when Remigius Machura finished third in Athens.

The shot put competition was dominated by Jessica Schilderová from the Netherlands, who was the only one to break the 20-meter mark and improved the national record to 20.24 meters.

Lisowská and Ringer won the marathon at the EC, Helcelet is ninth in the decathlon

The first gold medals at the European Championships were won by marathon winners Aleksandra Lisowská from Poland and domestic runner Richard Ringer. The best of the trio of Czech endurance women, Tereza Hrochová, finished in 23rd place, Jiří Homoláč did not finish the men’s race. In the decathlon, Adam Sebastian Helcelet is ninth after the first day.

Hrochová and Moira Stewart were often in the lead in the beginning, but after half the race they started to lose. Hrochová was upset because of the absence of refreshments in the first half of the race.

“I wasn’t able to synchronize with the implementation team on the track. When I needed them for the first time at the second refreshment station in the first lap, I didn’t see them at all, because they didn’t show up there, and I ran out there as the very first of all the competitors. Unfortunately, I she didn’t get to drink. On the second lap they let it go before I could take it, so I ran almost without ionic and sugary snacks. I only ran on water, which you can’t run a marathon on. So sometime in the third lap, I packed it that I coughed it up because it was no longer worth it. Then I got very angry, I at least took a drink and water from them and ran again,” she explained at the finish line.

Lisowská won by six seconds ahead of Matea Parlovová Koštrová from Croatia, Nienke Brinkmanová from the Netherlands finished for the bronze. Hrochová lost seven and a half minutes to the winner, one place behind her was Marcela Joglová. She ran the race more carefully.

“I started cautiously, I knew that the preparation wasn’t quite 100 percent, so I was glad that everyone started cautiously. I just tried to keep some groups and I didn’t look at the watch. I’m generally satisfied,” said Joglová. She is suffering from ankle problems. “They are long-term and I will have to focus on them. We have to focus on physiotherapy and now take a break,” she explained. Stewart made up a big deficit in the end and took 40th place.

Ringer won the European marathon title after a thrilling finish in 2:10:21. He sprinted for the gold in the last meters, followed by the Israelis Maru Teferi and Gashau Ayale.

The decathlete Helcelet won the ball, in which he was second with a performance of 15.30 meters. He maintained his current sixth place even after height, but in the 400 meter run he scored the twelfth time and fell to ninth place. Jiří Sýkora did not have a single measured attempt in the ball and withdrew from the competition. The Swiss Simon Ehammer leads by a large margin, who won the 100, flashed in the distance with a high jump of 831 cm and ended the first day with a triumph in the 400 meters with an excellent performance of 47.40.

For world champion and world record holder Kevin Mayer, the competition ended immediately after the opening discipline. At the end of the 100, the 30-year-old French athlete slowed down significantly, the finish line was lost in 11.67, and he did not start the long-distance sector due to a muscle injury.

Long-distance runner Juška is in the finals of the EC, all three Czech quarter-distance runners succeeded in the heats

Long-distance runner Radek Juška advanced to the finals of the European Championship. All three Czech fourth-placers Patrik Šorm, Matěj Krsek and Pavel Maslák and Tereza Petržilková succeeded in the heats.

Juška saved himself with the last third attempt, jumped 780 cm and advanced from seventh place. Conversely, pole vaulter Amália Švábíková’s 440 cm on her second attempt was not enough to advance, she finished fourteenth.

In the opening round of the 400-meter race, Šorm did the best of the Czech trio, who was second in the first heat in his best time this year of 45.66. “I was checking it. I was pleasantly surprised by the time. I thought I would run around 46,” Šorm said. On Friday, he was suffering from intestinal problems and also had a fever. “That’s why I didn’t expect such a time, even though I believed I would advance. It’s very encouraging,” he noted.

Krsek also won direct promotion thanks to third place in the third heat in 46.12. Three-time world and European indoor champion Maslák did not retain third place at the end of the fourth run, but advanced with a time of 45.92. He got under 46 seconds for the first time in the season.

The best nine quarter-finalists were seeded directly into the semi-finals. “It’s definitely an advantage to have one run less. It would also be useful for me,” commented Šorm. He will now need to recover quickly as the semi-finals take place just after noon on Tuesday. He expects to have to improve on his personal best of 45.41 to advance. “If I quickly project it in my head, 45.20 or 45.30 will be needed for the final,” estimated the fifth man of this year’s indoor world championship.

In addition to seeded Lady Vondrová, Petržilková will also run the semifinals on Thursday, who advanced last with a time of 52.35. She was sixth in the second heat.

The final of the 1500 meters will be without Czech milers. Jan Friš was tenth in the opening run, two and a half seconds behind the winning Norwegian favorite Jakob Ingebritsen. Filip Sasínek did not finish the second run.

Sprinter Zdeněk Stromšík did not reach the semi-finals of the 100, he was sixth in his heat with a time of 10.60. In the same discipline, even Eva Kubíčková (11.61) did not pass the heats, shot putter Markéta Červenková did not participate in the qualification due to a knee injury during warm-up.      



Marathon: 1. Ringer (German) 2:10:21, 2. Teferi 2:10:23, 3. Ayale (both Israeli) 2:10:29, 4. Petros (German) 2:10:39 , 5. Navarro (Fr.) 2:10:41, 6. Lamdassem (Sp.) 2:10:52, … Homoláč (CZ) did not finish.

Balls: 1. Mihaljevič (Croatia) 21.88, 2. Sinančevič (Serbia) 21.39, 3. Staněk (Czech Republic) 21.26, 4. Ponzio (It.) 20.98, 5. Haratyk 20, 90, 6. Bukowiecki (both Poles) 20.74.

Decathlon (after four disciplines): 1. Ehammer (Switzerland) 3723 p. (100 m: 10.56 – distance: 831 – shot put: 14.24 – height: 208), 2. Skotheim (Nor.) 3428 (10 .98 – 756 – 13.65 – 211), 3. Dester (It.) 3413 (10.81 – 746 – 14.56 – 202), 4. Wiesiolek (Pol.) 3385, 4. Taam (Est.) 3337, 6. Helcelet 3315 (11.13 – 728 – 15.30 – 199), … Sýkora (both Czech Republic) 1636 (11.09 – 692 – no performance) – did not finish.


10,000 m: 1. Canová (Tur.) 30:32.57, 2. McColganová (Brit.) 30:41.05, 3. Salpeterová (Izr.) 30:46.37, 4. Klosterhalfenová (Germany) 31 :05.21, 5. Teferi (Izr.) 31:24.03, 6. Harrison (Brit.) 31:46.87.

Marathon: 1. Lisowská (Poland) 2:28:36, 2. Parlovová Koštrová (Croatia) 2:28:42, 3. Brinkmanová (Netherlands) 2:28:52, 4. Dattkeová (Germany) 2 :28:52, 5. Episová (It.) 2:29:06, 6. Mayerová (German) 2:29:21, … 23. Hrochová 2:36:00, 24. Joglová 2:36: 26, 40. Stewart (all Czech Republic) 2:43:03.

Shot put : 1. Schilder (Netherlands) 20.24, 2. Dongm (Portugal) 19.82, 3. Van Klinken (Netherlands) 18.94, 4. Roos (Sweden) 18.55, 5. Gambetta 18.48, 6. Ritterová (both German) 18.29.

Heats and qualifications:


100 m: 1. Olatunde (Ir.) 10.19, … 16. Stromšík (Czech Republic) 10.60 – did not advance to the semi-finals.

400 m: 1. Re (It.) 45.26, … 7. Šorm 45.66, 13. Maslák 45.92, 16. Krsek (all Czech Republic) 46.12 – advanced to the semi-finals.

1500 m: 1. Rozmys (Pol.) 3:37.36, … 19. Friš 3:40.99 – did not advance to the final, Sasínek (both Czech Republic) did not finish.

Distance: 1. Montler (Swedish) 806, … 7. Juška (Czech Republic) 780 – advanced to the final.

Ball: 1. Sinančevič (Serb.) 21.82, 2. Staněk (Czech Republic) 21.39 – advanced to the final.


100 m: 1. Nkansaová (Belgium) 11.33, … 18. Kubíčková (Czech Republic) 11.61 – did not advance to the semi-finals.

400 m: 1. Baumgartová-Witanová (Pol.) 51.09, … 11. Petržilková (ČR) 52.35 – advanced to the semi-finals.

Bar: 1. Šutejová (Slovenia) 450, … 14. Švábíková (ČR) 440 – did not advance to the final.

Balls: 1. Dongmová (Portugal) 19.32, … Červenková (ČR) without performance – did not advance to the final.

Discus: 1. Perkovičová (Croatia) 65.94.


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