New name for the director of ÚZSI. A spy close to the ODS

EXCLUSIVELY (UPDATED) The editorial staff of managed to get another name of a possible candidate for the position of director of the ÚZSI. The post remained “vacant” after the resignation of Petr Mlejenko. The service is thus under the scrutiny of the media, but also of politicians, which, according to the experts we spoke to, harms its reputation. Not to mention about five hundred local employees.

The name in question, which has been talked about for several days, is operative and spy Jaroslav Kuchyňa. According to the three sources contacted, he is closest to the civil democrats.

Kuchyňa’s name is unknown to the public, it is a little different for politicians and diplomats.

The wife of the representative of the intelligence operative is the elderly and respected diplomat Veronika Kuchyňová Šmigolová, apparently our future ambassador to Israel. She previously worked in Warsaw, in 2015-18 she was the plenipotentiary ambassador of the Czech Republic in Egypt.

Her arrival on Israeli soil is welcomed by domestic and foreign insiders.

In the case of her husband, it is not so clear.

“I would say there are certain chances,” one of the news sources told us directly.

However, he leans much more towards the name of Vladimír Posold. He is said to be experienced, of high quality and has a chance to develop the service.

The Austrian minister will decide

A few days ago, published a list of names that are being talked about as successors to Petr Mlejnek. It is about a man and a single woman. Mlada Princová held the post of deputy for analytics at ÚZSI. “Before she left analytics, about eight people, yes,” recalled one of the sources. He compared the Prince’s name to a terrible one for the service, especially because of her demeanor and approach to people.

Although this is the umpteenth verbal attack against the woman in question, no one has ever dismissed her at work or questioned her erudition and experience.

Vít Rakušan wants to make a decision on the matter in the near future and in accordance with the law on the employment relationship of members of the security forces and the law on intelligence services, he told the editors.

If we are talking about ÚZSI, there is one more thing that has not been written about yet. A few dozen days when the office was headed by Petr Mlejnek. has a number of findings that we will publish within a few days.

After the release of the material, the editors had the opportunity to speak with another source. He knows Kuchyna and speaks positively about him. This man told us that the probability of his appointment is practically zero, as he was supposed to leave ÚZSI at the end of August. “From what they say, it wasn’t exactly voluntary, so he wouldn’t even meet the conditions of the Austrian interior minister. In addition, he had certain problems, they started under the former director Šimandl and were resolved under Petr Mlejenko with his departure…”


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