Nova Group unveils autumn scheme at press conference

The press conference had a dramatic start.Ambulances and fire engines arrived unexpectedly. However, this was not a real-life intervention by the rescue forces, but an original way in which Nova presented the autumn scheme for 2023.The press conference was attended by actors from iconic shows and reality shows.
In the first half of 2023, Nova Group placed first in the audience share in the 15-54 prime-time audience with 36.19%. In the day-long broadcast, the share for all stations in the group was 33.59%. Nova reached a wide audience, watched by 4.088 million 4+ viewers every day for at least three minutes. TV Nova’s theme stations also did well, increasing their share of viewership in CS 15-54 by 10% in both full-time and prime-time broadcasts over the year.
For example, new episodes of the popular Crimewatch Angel will appear on the air in the autumn, and Martin Pechlat will become Dad in Trouble. MasterChef czech and Dueling on a Plate will also return to screens. In addition to entirely new formats, in autumn TV Nova will offer sequels to popular TV regulars – the series The Street, One Family, Golden Swan or What You’re Firefighters. Also returning is Ondrej Sokol accompanied by a group of quiz geniuses with the series On the Hunt and On the Hunt – Star Special. In the autumn, the Czech Republic will be alive with gastronomy again – new series of masterchef culinary shows Czech Republic and Battle on a Plate await viewers.
“Autumn will be borne on TV Nova’s screens again in the wake of the genre variety of the programme offering, for which we have joined forces with the most resonant names on the market. The common denominator of the new season is then focus on local themes, family entertainment and especially on the expectations of our viewers,” says TV Nova program director Silvia Majeská, continuing: “We will also be strengthening our long-term position as market leader in the coming season. Nova Group is currently not only the most dynamic producer of domestic audiovision, but above all a reliable companion for millions of its viewers.This has been the case for twenty-nine years, and we are preparing dozens of new formats for the next, jubilee year.”

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