Ambasada României în Republica Cehă

Happy birthday to the Romanians from the Czech Republic and everywhere!

On the occasion of the Day of Romanians everywhere , I want to send all Romanians abroad wishes for health, prosperity and trust in a better future.

We are after more than 1 ️⃣ year of unprecedented challenges, generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its complex consequences. During this time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has continued to act to protect and respect the rights and interests of Romanian citizens around the world, both through special efforts in terms of consular support and through political and conceptual steps at bilateral and multilateral level

Our diplomatic and consular steps led to the safe repatriation, over the past year, of over 13.000 Romanian citizens in special situations Also, diplomatic missions and consular offices assisted in transit about 11.000 Romanian citizens, and through consular cooperation with the Member States of the European Union , through the activation of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism, about 200 more Romanian citizens returned to the country, while 250 European citizens and citizens of third countries residing in the EU were repatriated with the support of diplomatic missions and Romanian consular offices. At the same time, MAE supported carriers , through EU and the Member States involved, in order to establish transit colors towards Romania , has made extensive steps in support of cross-border and seasonal workers , responded to requests for support from Romanian citizens, including through the activation of a dedicated Call-Center , taking over the most intense period, March - October 2020, over 250.000 phone calls and over 100.000 requests from email

Beyond managing the implications of the pandemic crisis, the Romanian Day of Everywhere represents a moment when we reflect, each and every one at an institutional level, on the importance of preserving the identity and national values, which each Romanian carries, in the country and in the world , deep down. Strengthening dialogue and links with the members of the Romanian communities constitutes a priority line of action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the promotion of our historical and cultural legacy Beyond programmes and actions at institutional level, Romanian citizens can contribute to these objectives, including through the actions that day by day they take where they live or operate.

The balance of the last year includes numerous relevant moments that concretely reflect the efficiency of the close collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania, and the members of the Romanian community abroad.

Of these, I would like to mention, for example, the good organization of the elections for the Romanian Parliament in December 2020, when, through an extraordinary joint effort, through the involvement of the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the level of diplomatic and consular missions of Romania, as well as with the support of the organizations and associations of Romanians abroad, under the special conditions generated by the pandemic , 748 polling stations were organized abroad , and the entire voting process it went under good conditions, which facilitated the exercise of voting rights for about 266.000 Romanian citizens from abroad, both at the station and by mail I have the confidence that we will continue to collaborate as closely and efficiently in the future.

In view of the increasingly complex situations we face, to support direct and unrelenting contact with Romanian citizens abroad, as part of the steps to reform the consular activity we launched, we recently resumed the Programme ′′ Dialogue with diaspora on consular issues ′′ , which will be organized in states with important Romanian communities. The program seeks to facilitate the dialogue between the representatives of the MAE and those of the Romanian associative communities and the abroad, the presentation of complete and accurate information about the range of consular services that Romanian citizens can request through the E-Consulate platform , as well as generally, with regard to identifying the best solutions in support of the Romanian communities, as well as to professionalize and streamline the consular activity.

We have also developed, in consultation with the Romanian communities, the annual plan on itinerant consulates (mobile) , which includes over such travels of the consular teams in the locations desired by the Romanian citizens. And our efforts to reform consular services, to make them more efficient and closer to citizen s' needs, will continue, on many levels.

I express my hope that together we will manage to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Romanian communities abroad.

All of us, Romanian citizens from the country and abroad , we are the ones who can participate together in the definition and promotion of Romania today for tomorrow's generations , as a modern, solidarity and dynamic country.

Happy birthday, Romanians everywhere!

The message of Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu can be read here


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