Ambasada României în Republica Cehă

We are especially happy to celebrate Prague's Day with the illustrations of Mrs. Andreea Molocea, a Romanian artist who has been living in Prague for many years. Illustrations propose a fascinating and meaningful reinterpretation of the popular port, with their creation being best explained by the artist herself:

′′ My departure from the country and moving to Prague coincide with my birth as an artist. I didn't dream 6 years ago that I'd be here, but look, life is unpredictable. My break from ′′ home ′′ brought me a lot closer to Romanian folklore, to our stories and accordingly to the popular port, to our colors, to our stitches, but especially to the shapes of our clothes and ceramics. I fell in love with the round shapes of Romanian people that have become without realizing how I illustrate my feminine presence. Also, clay vessels, jugs through their feminine forms are the basis of many works. I think a lot that my art wouldn't have been born if I didn't have Romanian port, arts and stories as an inspiration. My longing and searching for roots brought me here."

Andreea Molocea, PhD., has a PhD in Political Science at the National School of Political and Administrative Science, Bucharest, and since 2015 lives in Prague. Now he works in the IT industry, and in his spare time he cultivates his artistic side and his own business.

Part of his illustrations will soon be displayed in the Romanian Embassy salons in Prague.

Thank you Andreea Molocea! Happy International Day of Iake!


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