Children soldiers

One of the many criticisms of Donald Trump as a candidate was that he wanted to lead the United States as commander-in-chief but dodged the draft when it came time to defend it on the battlefield. Joe Biden, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton also found ways to avoid going to Vietnam. Czech politicians who have been ardent supporters of the Global War on Covid-19 will soon have a similar decision to make. In the coming months, gradual steps will be taken for making it almost impossible for schoolchildren to survive in this world without being vaccinated for covid. Vaccination will remain voluntary on paper, but it will become expensive and inconvenient to avoid it. The justification will be that children are on the front line in defending others against infection. They will become children soldiers.

Czech politicians, including presidential candidates, will have to decide whether to send

their children and grandchildren into war or to find ways to allow them to dodge the shot.

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