Embaixada de Portugal na República Checa

The Embassy of Portugal informs that the National Public Higher Education Access Contest in Portugal sets out a ′′ Special quota for Portuguese immigrant candidates, families residing with them and lusodescendants ", reserving 7 % of all spots fixed for 1 the stage of the National Contest for candidates from the Portuguese diaspora communities. There are about 3500 vacancies, in 34 public higher education institutions and more than 1000 courses, across universities and public polytechnic institutes. Over the past two years, there has been an increase of 52 % in the number of immigrant candidates put out by the national access competition.

Applications for stage 1 of the National Higher Education Access Contest run from 6 to 20 August 2021. Students wishing to apply for the upcoming public higher education school year 2021/2022 and vacancies of this special contingent, have to apply online for the national contest. Information about the conditions and process of applying for this quota can be found on the page of the Directorate General for Higher Education (or acesso@dges.gov.pt; www.dges.gov.pt). All information about the supply of higher education and research institutions in Portugal and their courses can be found at Study & Research in Portugal.

In addition to the special access quota, immigrant and lusodescending candidates can also access higher education through several other ways: Access and entry competitions in private higher education institutions; access Portuguese higher education with secondary education completed in the host country through of the professional route; opting for a professional technical course at a Portuguese polytechnic institute (with the possibility of subsequent entry in graduate or integrated master degree); attending more than 1900 master classes and 600 doctorate courses of the Portuguese higher education network ; work in research in the 350 centres and laboratories existing in Portugal, in all areas of knowledge; and also study in Portugal under the Erasmus+ mobility programme (if they already attend a higher course in the country of foster).

The ′′ Study and Research Program in Portugal ′′ is an initiative of the Portuguese Government, involving the Directorate-General of Higher Education (DGES), the Cam õeses - Institute of Cooperation and Language, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and Portuguese Higher Education Institutions



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