Embajada de Chile en República Checa

Chile initiated an historical process by beginning the drafting of a new Constitution. The first one conceived with gender parity, and representatives elected for this mission, including our indigenous peoples.

This Constitutional Convention will be presided over by a woman from one of our indigenous peoples, Mapuche academic Elisa Loncón, who was elected by her peers. She is a PhD in Humanities from the Dutch University of Leiden and a PhD in Literature from Universidad Católica of Chile. For the role of vice-president, constitutional lawyer and Doctor of Law from the University of Barcelona, Jaime Bassa, was elected.

The Convention will have a period of 9 months to present a new constitutional text, with a chance of extending it for 3 more months. Then, by mid 2022, a new national “exit plebiscite” will be held to approve or reject the new Constitution.


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