Embassy of Georgia to the Czech Republic

Georgian Economy Minister presented a year economic development strategy which covers major areas, ranging from small business empowerment, investment attraction, to specific development policies and quantitative indicators in each key area that the country should achieve by 2025 and 2030.

Economy to grow 8% in 2021:

Turnava projected that economic growth rate will reach 8% this year taking into account 'unprecedented' growth in April and in May.

Following new programmes were presented:

Business Export and Import-Replacement: As part of this new programme 50 fields of the economy are identified to have the potential of export growth and import replacement on the local market;

Business Universal: The goal of the programme is to increase the financial availability of business loans for the maximum number of business entities;

Development of Agro and Eco Tourism: This is an intensive support programme for the development of agro and eco tourism facilities in the regions.


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