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Embassy of Slovenia in Prague / Velvyslanectví Republiky Slovinsko v Praze

RULES FOR ENTRYING THE Czech Republic AND Slovenia (FROM 20. 5. ON)

Slovenia is currently on the red list. Traveling to the Czech Republic is limited only to the most urgent reasons (work, training, health reasons, attending a funeral or wedding, child care), tourism is not allowed.

Conditions for entering the Czech Republic: 1) filling out an online form about arrival (https://plf.uzis.cz/) 2) negative HAG test, less than 24 hours before traveling or negative PCR test, passed 72 hours before travel. No previous test is needed for Czech residents traveling with their own transport. 3) pass a PCR test within 5 days after arrival in the Czech Republic and self-isolate until the negative result 4) For workers / students: employer notification / educational institution about arrival.

People traveling with public transport must wear a mask of quality FFP2 everywhere outside the house 14 days after arrival in the Czech Republic.

The most important exceptions when the upper procedure is not necessary: - workers in international transport - transit up to 12 hours across the Czech Republic (proof of transit required) - cross-border workers / students from neighboring countries - children up to 5 years old (mandatory self-isolation 5 days after arrival) - urgent trips to the Czech Republic for a maximum of 12 hours (urgent official jobs, funerals, health care, short business trips, etc. - travel due to child care - people who have a medical certificate in English that COVID-19 got over at least 14 days ago and 90 days ago (you can find the form here: https://www.mvcr.cz/.../certificate-and-confirmation-form...)

Vaccinated people who have received at least the first dose of the vaccine in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, AT, HU, SK, PL, DE received at least 3 days from which it has been at least 22 months and have a certificate about it, and they enter the Czech Republic from a country that is on orange or red list must meet only the condition no. 1).

ATTENTION: People traveling with public transport must wear a mask of quality FFP2 everywhere outside the house for 14 days after arrival at the Czech Republic.

Detailed information is available in English on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic: https://www.mvcr.cz/.../coronavirus-information-of-moi.aspx -------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES FOR CROSSING THE SLOVENIAN BORDER:

A person will be headed into a 10-day quarantine when crossing the border, unless they suggest: a) negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours or b) confirmation of a positive result of PCR test, at least 10 days old and at least 6 months old or a doctor's certificate of overthrowding 6 months ago or c) proof of completed vaccination before at least: - 7 days Pfizer / BioNTech - 14 dnevi Moderna, Johnson&Johnson/Janssen-Cilag, Russia’s Gamaleya National Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology (Sputnik V), Sinovac Biotech, Sinopharm - 21 dnevi AstraZeneca, Serum Institute of India/AstraZeneca

From 22., the last exception will also apply to a person vaccinated with one dose after coronavirus surpassed less than 8 months earlier. Such a person will have to submit a certificate of receiving one dose of vaccine and a positive result of PCR test or doctor's certificate of infection.

An early quarantine termination is possible with a negative PCR test result completed 5 or more days after returning.

The most important exceptions when the above evidence is not needed: - people working in international transport with appropriate documentation - people who transport goods or persons and leave the country within 8 hours - people in transit who leave the country in 12 hours - children under 15, followed by a narrower family member who is not quarantined - daily schoolchildren and students - people crossing the border for business or emergency reasons (eliminating direct danger to health, life, property or material damage), and returning within 12 hours.

HAG test (no more than 3 days from the swab) is sufficient for EU citizens, who in the second member of the EU, care of family members, maintenance work on private real estate in their property, rent or use and return to 72 the clock.

HAG test (maximum 7 days from the towel) is enough for: - daily working migrants returning in 5 days - workers headed to work / service to EU member and returning within 5 days - people ordered for health services in SLO and leave the country immediately after the service is done - people crossing the border for family reasons for maximum 72 hours

More information: https://www.gov.si/.../koronavirus-sars.../prehajanje-meja/


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