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The road to the #greenfuture is #orange! #GoCircular, #GoDutch

Recycling insulation material in a sustainable, innovative way and contributing to circular construction? PolyStyreneLoop in Terneuzen makes it true, first and only in Europe. The plant officially opened in June can recycle 3,300 tonnes of demolition waste from polystyrene foam a year, and the total annual production capacity can be increased up to 10,000 tonnes .

PolyStyreneLoop presents not only an unique technology but also an ownership structure made by 70 companies and organisations from 18 European countries, including the Czech Republic .

Sounds interesting? More on guidance, network and funding available for readers both in Czech and Dutch:

https://bit.ly/3jG4QTx https://bit.ly/3q8Dt5C

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