Embassy of Ukraine in Prague / Velvyslanectví Ukrajiny v Praze

25 years ago, the Constitution of Ukraine, which proclaims the life of a person, its dignity and freedom of the highest values of the Ukrainian state, was adopted.

Let's remember Ukrainians today who devoted their lives to the fight for human rights in the communist state of non-freedom.

Irina Stasiv-Kalinets and her husband Igor Kalinets were human rights activists from Lviv. In the early 1970 s they were accused of participating in t. the connection. ′′ Chornovola group ′′ and spreading ′′ anti-Soviet campaign and propaganda ". The court sentenced Irina Stasiv-Kalinets to 6 years in prison in the camps of strict regime and 3 the zaslann nnya. Six months later, her husband got the same sentence. Their little daughter was divorced from her parents for 9 years.

Learn more about Irina Stasiv-Kalinets in the film of the Institute of National Memory of Ukraine.


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