Embassy of Ukraine in Prague / Velvyslanectví Ukrajiny v Praze

One of the most important architects of Eastern Europe in the turn of the 19. th and 20. th century Vladyslav Horodeckyj (W ładys ław Horodecki) was born on this day in 1863 in the village of Šoludka contemporary Vinnyk region. He came from a noble Polish family, who owned large property in the village.

Over 30 years of his life Horodecky lived and worked in Kiev. There were several strange buildings left in the city, which still cause wonder and interest in this extraordinary cosmopolitan of Polish origin, which is sometimes called ′′ Kyiv Gaudi ".

Among the best known ones are the Art Nouveau House with Chimeras, which serves for representative purposes to the President of Ukraine. Vladyslav Horodeckyj also built the Catholic Cathedral of St. Kiev Nicholas, Karajima synagogue or National Museum of Art in Kyiv.


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