How Brussels planned for covid

Covid came along at just the right time in terms of the radical transformation of society, according to ex-Pres. Václav Klaus. Covid was also well-timed in terms of the efforts of the EU Commission to speed up its vaccination strategy. The Commission made it objectives clear in its Communication of April 26, 2018: "The most pressing challenges include overcoming vaccine hesitancy..., halting the spread of vaccine-preventable communicable diseases,

sustaining high vaccine coverage, and guaranteeing equal access to vaccination across all ages and populations." The Commission already had plans then for a "common EU citizens vaccination card retrievable through electronic information systems and recognized for use across borders," now known as a covid passport. Nowhere in its strategy or later roadmap will you find mention of recognizing illness recovery or test negativity. If you want to cross an EU border, you will need to be vaccinated. Tečka. Anything else is merely temporary.

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