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Lietuvos ambasada Prahoje / Embassy of Lithuania in Prague

The coalition of Pirates and Mayors and Independent Candidates, which the reviewers happily baptized ′′ PIRSTAN ", presented their election program yesterday. Common foreign and security policy rules are like from a classic Lithuanian political party guide. Three big goals are set in foreign policy: (1) successful EU presidency in 2022 In the II half of the year, (2) values (especially democracy, human rights and responsible attitude towards climate change) are returning foreign policy, (3) stronger Czech voice in Europe. More details (glamorous): - Strengthening EU, NATO, connections with Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan states in order to achieve their full membership in the European Union; - Support civil society, freedom of speech and independent media, groups of dissidents experiencing pressure on authoritarian regimes; - Good relations with Russia - important, but Russia should also want it; - Strengthening economic and diplomatic ties with Taiwan; - Up to 2025 m. Increase the cost of national protection to 2 percent. GDP; - Supports PESCO, will seek additional investments of 1 billion. crowns (39,2 million) euros) to research in defense; - Supports Czech forces participation in NATO EfP mission in the Baltic States; - They will ensure that non-democratic companies do not approach critical infrastructure are removed from nuclear energy projects. You can get acquainted with the RING program here (Czech k. ): https://www.piratiastarostove.cz/.../resort/zahranicni-veci/

Yesterday, 1 new cases of coronavirus were identified in the country, this is the smallest increase since early September: https://www.ceskenoviny.cz/.../incidencni-cislo.../2039053

Minister of Health Petras Arenberger suspended cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Group of Epidemic Situations (MESES) yesterday, but this Commission of Scientists and Specialists would like to continue to collaborate with this County Association: https://www.ceskenoviny.cz/.../meses-v-cervnu.../2039045; https://www.ceskenoviny.cz/.../meses-odmita.../2037561; MF D Dnes

Prime Minister A. Babiš proposed today to collaborate live with the Government Health Risk Council, which he is in charge of, but this categorically refused to remain an independent institution: https://www.lidovky.cz/.../babis-castecne-otocil-oslovil...

′′ Folks. cz ′′ is considering where the Covid-19 vaccination centers will be installed, when the normal life will return to vaccination. It is predicted that next year we will not avoid the need to vaccinate people with another dose, and counties are worried not knowing what requirements for further vaccination campaign will be raised by the Government: https://www.lidovky.cz/.../ockovaci-centra-v-kulturacich...

The government has approved a National Renewal Plan with 11 billion in the latest version of environmental protection. More crowns, and for indirect business support and state expenses-3 billion. there are fewer crowns than previously planned. Entrepreneurs criticize that the government wants to use European anti-covid money not for economic overload, but for ′′ abandoned ′′ areas that would have enough funds from ordinary EU programs: https://www.lidovky.cz/.../plan-obnovy-nikoho-nenadchl... The Czech Republic does not stumble in real estate (NT) boom, especially in demand for summer houses and homesteads - up to 100 buyers are interested in one ad. This is how people react to the time of uncertainty and want to invest in NT, it doesn't matter what place it is. The demand for housing mortgages has risen recordly, although the banking sector is currently extremely sharp. https://www.lidovky.cz/.../hypoteky-dal-zdrazuji...

Jakubas Sedláček, goalkeeper of the World Championship in Latvia, described the Russian and Latvian life in this country as difficult: ′′ The nation is divided ".

Sylvis Spohras, head of the famous Prague café Louvre and restaurant association Apron, said Sylvis Spohras, will have to change a lot to survive - reduce the number of employees, install innovative ′′ bistro ′′ concepts, install more places out there. He prophesies the bankruptcy of many more restaurants: https://www.seznamzpravy.cz/.../cesi-se-vraci-na-zahradky.


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