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Czech news 2021-07-13

The coalition of Pirates and Mayors and Independent Candidates (STAN) today criticized the plan announced by Minister of Health Adam Vojtech (ANO) that would stop paying for preventive coronavirus tests from September. This and other epidemic related issues are planned to be considered Thursday at an extraordinary meeting of the Parliament's Lower House. The opposition urged the office to prepare an epidemic management plan for fall and winter, to encourage people to vaccinate, better manage information about Covid-19 patients and establish an epidemic research commission:

Yesterday, 239 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the Czech Republic, less than last week's working days. After 5 days of growth, the reproductive number decreased to 1,37; the country has 100 thousand last week. nearly 14 infected people have had a population since mid-June. The number of hospitalizers-31, the number of applied vaccinations exceeds 9 million. Starting today, Czech vaccination can be registered in the Czech infectious diseases information system in the EU countries, allowing such people to download the European vaccination certificate:;

MF Dane informs that one of the major Prague shopping centers and Central railway station has opened new Covid-19 vaccination points where you can get vaccinated without pre-registration and participate in the lottery. Pilot projects are disturbing long lines of people who do not like registering online so far.

′′ up to date. cz ′′ analysts point out that Czech Republic, despite diplomatic collision with Russia, is still a shareholder of the Russian International Investment Bank (MIB). Russia can use this institution for intelligence operations and money laundering according to US warnings. 2019 Andrejus Babiš's government sanctified the transfer of MIB headquarters from Moscow to Hungary, i.e. to the EU. V. Orbáno Government gave a significant privilege to the bank in Hungary: its headquarters and all assets are not controlled in the country, the police can enter the institution only by meeting, employees, guests and business partners the diplomatic untouchability. The MIB has been established by the Soviet Union and its satellites, currently it unites 9 former socialist block countries:

The Server ′′ ListZravy ′′ states that the increase in broad consumption prices in the Czech Republic is determined by increased fuel:

Yesterday in the National Gallery in Prague, violinist and vocalist Iva Bittova, celebrated the murder of the residents of Osvencimas ′′ family lager ′′ in 1944 July:


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