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Czech news 2021-07-14 Today in Vrbietice, where 2014 ammunition warehouses were exploded, public prime minister Andrej Babiš announced that on July 30 The lower House of Parliament could consider a bill on compensation for those affected by explosions. During a press conference, he suggested demolishing former warehouse buildings, according to him, this area could be a forest park. ′′ After seven years we decided to pay 700 million in the government. crowns (27,3 million) Euro) compensation. 350 million of them crowns will be given to citizens according to certain criteria and 350 million. dedicated to municipalities and the region ", said the prime minister:

CTK agency informs that 2009 and 2010 Czech solar power plants will start operating at 10 percent. Increased taxes and reduced state support. According to Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček (UN), according to the amendments to the State, this can bring up to 5 billion. crowns (0,2 mrd. Euros) additional income and will forever be farewell to the previous yielding practice in the Czech Republic:

July 12th Czech Republic presented its second volunteer national review (Voluntary National Review) for the United Nations in 2030 to achieve sustainable development goals (Sustainable Development Goals) The results of the review were presented at the annual High-level political forum, which was attended by Minister of Environment Richard Brabecas, URM and representatives of the Ministry of Environment. The video was spoken by UR Minister Jakubas Kulhánekas, mayor of Jihlava city Karolína Koubová and space engineer Janas Lukacevicius. For Czech representatives, for example, for example. questions were asked about decarbonization of the Czech energy sector, gender equality:;

According to Czech theaters, sports and tourism sector representatives, if the state stopped paying for preventive Covid-19 tests, it would harm all cultural and sports activities, as well as tourism in the country. According to them, spectators paying for tickets will not be ready to pay for tests either. ′′ up to date. cz ′′ opinion, this is how the state will reach the situation when the institutions of these areas are no longer able to operate by themselves and will no longer have to pay compensation:

Former President Vaclavas Klaus urged the government to stop protecting people from Covid-19 measures, writes ′′ news. cz ". ′′ When there are only 30 Covid-19 patients in our hospitals, and only two are seriously ill, we only hear scares, not calming and constructive words ", said the politician himself, adding that ′′ no new epidemic ′′ threatens. Meanwhile, the city of Northern Czech Liberec wants to vaccinate homeless people against coronavirus, but does not have free vaccine doses:;

Today in Ostrava, the festival of regional theater and music artists ′′ Energy for Culture ′′ starts. In six Czech cities, spectators will gradually invite you to free performances of local artists:


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