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Czech news 2021-06-02 Before tomorrow's parliamentary meeting, where 15 of its parliamentarians will not yet inform the opposition coalition ′′ Together with ′′ Pirates ′′ will initiate a vote on disbelief in Andrei Babiš's Government, the Czech Republic and Moravian Communists will not yet inform how 15 of its parliamentarians will vote. According to the journal ′′ MF Dane ′′ they will consider a unified party line that is fluctuating between the opposition to distrust and exit the hall. (′′ MF Today ′′)

Today, the House of Representatives of Parliament approved the new law so that this year Czech citizens would receive personal identity cards with chains on which their fingerprints will be printed and rejected the proposal of ′′ Pirates ′′ so that the cards should not include information on the gender of the person or this data would be voluntary ... The Senate, which meets the European Parliament Regulation and the minimum security standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), has yet to be approved by the Senate, reports CTK agency:

The EU is investigating the case of interest by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, but it is also engaged in Czech police investigating whether the concert ′′ Agrofert ′′ could commit a crime against subsidies or public contracts. However, the Czech police will now be supervised by the European prosecutor's office, following this newly established institution in Luxembourg. It will take over about 60 cases of serious economic crimes affecting the European budget from the Czech Republic:

Mobile data in the Czech Republic is still disproportionately expensive, writes ′′ Law ". Although the country's operators have increased data, it is much higher in other European countries, and costs less, for example, Romania and Hungary:

′′ Deník N ′′ points out that the pandemic has raised prices in the Czech Republic - and due to political pressure to get out of the crisis as soon as possible. The country is currently fourth in inflation rate in Europe:

Planned large scale construction of some roads and highways will probably not start next year. As seen from the Ministry of Communication document provided to Czech radio, about one third of the planned 29 construction will not take place, primarily due to disproportionately long administrative procedures:

The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that closing of all kindergartens and constraint of primary schools were illegal under this year's April Ministry of Health measures - these training institutions are not mentioned in the pandemic law:

Hygienist Petras Smejkalas, a member of the Interdisciplinary Independent Pandemic Commission, thinks it's time to shorten the doses of Covid-19 vaccination again. According to MES, most of the population that new virus changes should be vaccinated as soon as possible, according to MESES. cz ":

Yesterday, the Vaccination Portal officially started, from which citizens can download the QR code on vaccines, tested or overdue Covid-19, does not work as it should - until the app reading this code is launched in mid-June information is impossible to use, informs ′′ MF Dan ". A new outdoor space will soon be opened in Prague - the Czech Philharmonic and Czech National Gallery ′′ home ′′ - Rudolfinum - terrace from which the unique view of Vltava and the Old Town will open:


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