Lietuvos ambasada Prahoje / Embassy of Lithuania in Prague

On Saturday, Lithuanian ambassador Laimonas Talat-Kelpsha honored the memory of the residents of Lidice village killed 79 years ago. At the Victim Memorial, the ambassador put a wreath and thanked Eduard Stehlík, director of the local museum and mayor of the city for cherished historical memory.

June 1942, 10 Naciai, taking revenge on the murder of SS soldier and Holocaust, destroyed the whole village of Lidice, which was about 20 km west of Prague: killed 173 men and boys over 15 years old, woman and children over 15 years old, and took children to concentration camps and rural buildings were set on fire. After the fire, the rest of the burns were exploded and compared to the ground. A total of about 500 people lived in Lidice at the time.


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