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Czech news 2021-06-23 Prime Minister Andrejas Babišas (UN) rejected criticism of economists, investors and other personalities for preparing the Czech Republic for the EU chairman. These have expressed their opinion in public letter to the Czech Government - on the low planned budget and overall low attention to the future chairman. The Prime Minister called the political move, although Brussels diplomats believe that the amount planned by the Czech Republic is the smallest planned by any presiding country and will not be able to meet the goals of the presidency. 2009 Czech president gave it three times more funds:

The Czech Republic was shaken by the death of a Roman nationality in Teplice from the calming methods applied during police detention. The media baptized the ′′ Czech George Floyd case ′′ in this case, police ask him not to compare with US events. The portal of ′′ news cz ′′ reported that today the Council of Europe urged to investigate Roman Stanislav T immediately, in full and independently. death, because according to the organization, the event raises many questions:

′′ List of News ′′ says specialists disagree with Prime Minister A. Babiš's mood to spend in public transport since July. wear only surgical masks instead of respirator. There is no united opinion among experts, but the Ministry of Health has the confidence that respirators should continue to wear the coronavirus ′′ delta ′′ change:

MF Dan writes that half of the Czech parliamentarians do not respond to ′′ ordinary people ′′ emails sent to them. The newspaper has been sent to e. a letter from a private person to 200 parliamentarians, and they counted that only 81 representatives or their assistants responded to it in 1 week.

The Czech National Bank has increased interest rates for the first time since last year. This should increase highly demanding housing loans now:

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