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Czech news 2021-06-28 Last week, the government will pay 80-100 percent for tornadoes in Brzeclave and Hodonin districts. the agency ČTK informs the losses. According to Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček (UN), the state will compensate for the acquisition of new assets up to 1 million. crowns (39 k) Eur). In addition, companies will be able to receive up to 45 million. CZK (1, 8 ml. Eur) interest-free loan. ŽM farmers, food producers and forestry has been postponed up to 1,5 billion. CZK (600 million. Eur), the losses will be compensated according to the amount of real damage. Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (UN) informed today that people will be able to receive up to 2 million for housing renovation. CZK subsidy up to 3 million. CZK preferential loans (respectively 78 thousand. is 118 k Euros). The total scale of experienced losses is at least 15 billion. CZK (0,6 billion. Euros). Accident took 6 lives:

About 80-100 million more. CZK losts were experienced by the Miracle Village in the Northwest of Czech Republic, at the same time as the tornado was raging, having experienced a very strong vertical squall (downburst). Almost half of the settlement houses were demolished here, the portal ′′ news ′′ reported. cz ":

Czech media has a lot of reports of lightning donations to residents of cities that are being destroyed. Already donated 700 million CZK (27 million. Eur). The Br žeeclave Humanitarian Center of donated items is no longer able to distribute, so it is only possible to send for example. tools and building materials:

After covering financial support for South Moravian residents, fraudulent activity has also activated, there are reports of false tolls:

Minister of Health Adam Vojt chchas (UN) announced that people can advance their second dose of Pfizer vaccine even on 8:

President of CNN Prima News yesterday for TV channel M. Zeman gave an interview. The most important highlights: - in the upcoming parliamentary elections, they will vote for the UN-led movement, because this has done more in managing the pandemic crisis than the former ′′ his ′′ social democratic party; - The government will be formed by the winning party, because coalitions are ′′ fraud "; - wish there was one left and one right party in the Czech Republic; asked what party is the ANO, he said it was a party for everyone (catch-all party) as Tony Blair Labour Party (left) was; - The Czech economy is strong and has withstood the pandemic's challenges; - NATO allies withdrawing from Afghanistan as ′′ capitulation ′′ and ′′ betrayal ′′ in the fight against terrorism, he also told NATO leaders during a meeting in Brussels; - Vrbietice - still does not reject that there are more investigative versions, not only those with Russian agents, and doubt that she may be the only one: the first one says that the explosion happened due to the non-scientific explosive loading before transportation, the second version of Justice Minister Maria Benešova that both explosions were carried out in order to disguise their robbery, and the third one - that theft was supposed to be covered by the second explosion. But the Minister of Justice has long declined other versions than the one who incriminates against Russian intelligence services. - asked how Europe and the Czech Republic should continue to behave in terms of Russia, said that it is necessary to speak first, not to fear contact the other side; Russia is an important economic partner - Homosexual rights and broadcasting persons: President criticized the suffragettes, MeToo and Prague Pride, said a misunderstanding of transgender people who are ′′ really ugly to him "; people's sexual orientation should be just their intimate business, not a public topic ... The speeches received a lot of criticism, for example, NGO Amnesty International in the Czech Republic demanded to apologize to the broadcasting people: Full interview link

Today is President M. Zeman had lunch with the members of the Government at his residence in Lanai Castle. The meeting was held instead of traditional New Year's lunch that had to be postponed this year due to the pandemic:

September 1-2th. Preventive Covid-19 tests will be carried out three times for primary and secondary schools, today after the government meeting, Minister of Education Robert Plaga (UN) announced. The State Administration of Material Reserves will purchase tests according to the specification prepared by Sam:

Mass psychosis met the students of Sokolov High Police School, and gradually lost consciousness last Friday at 20 of them during the presentation ceremony of certificates. A medical study showed that they did not get poisoned and got sick:

Today, police officers had to remove NGO Extinction Rebellion activists from the Czech National Bank building. They attach to the bank facade in one of the main streets of Prague in protest against climate change ignoring:

The project of famous Czech architect Eva Jir žična working in London will not be implemented. UNESCO indicates that planned 100 m tall apartment buildings should be ′′ cut ′′ almost half, so they will probably be built elsewhere:


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