Lietuvos ambasada Prahoje / Embassy of Lithuania in Prague

Czech news 2021-07-07 President Milos Zeman announced that after today's phone conversation with Chinese President Si Ting-pching that in 2022 will visit China. According to the Presidency representative, J. Ovčáčekas, the topic of the economy is also touched in the conversation, and the Chinese leader considers Czech Republic to be an important partner in communication with the European Union. The interview was initiated by the People's Republic of China:

Slovakia intends to reopen smaller border points in the coming days, which it closed at the beginning of the week due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. This will be done after more employees checking how restrictions are followed. People traveling to work across the border have held protests on closed points in recent days. Czech UR Minister Jakubas Kulhánekas also warned about the problem, says the agency ČTK:

The Czech government has decided on the spread of the delta version of Covid-19 since July 9 to tighten pandemic restrictions, for example: • vaccine doses will no longer have the first dose to attend restaurants, cultural events, hospitals - negative Covid test will be required; • non-infectious diseases will be treated with both vaccine doses, 14 days later against II vaccination; • those traveling from low risk countries will have to fill out their arrival forms, and if they do not have completed 14 days after their vaccination, have a negative RT-PCR test or take it in the Czech Republic within 5 days; • Those returning from abroad will not be able to return to work without a negative test unless they have completed vaccination; after returning from low risk countries you will be able to take a test in the Czech Republic, and until then wear an FFP2 respirator:

The MF Dnes newspaper informs that the so-called post-covid patients are increasing in hospitals in the country's hospitals - people who think their health has worsened with Covid-19; but only about 10 percent. in cases this is the real reason for understanding health. In some cases, people ′′ talk ′′ the disease.

Today, a group of protesters blocked the square and street against Parliament's House of Representatives, after intervening police, the police attacked officers for a while, reports the portal ′′ Novinky. cz ". Czech flag colors dominated, slogans posted for example. ′′ For freedom of movement ", ′′ Not for child vaccination ":

′′ Folks. cz commentator Jan Machaček writes that Belarus withdrew from the Eastern Partnership Group lost access to Baltic ports and some of its most important exporters will gradually become dependent on Russia and its companies:


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