Lietuvos ambasada Prahoje / Embassy of Lithuania in Prague

Czech news 2021-07-08 Today in Prague, another round of Czech and Polish negotiations on the brown coal mine in the Polish border mine in Turova began. Both state international agreements seeks to determine further mining conditions, but according to the portal ′′ Current ", the Polish side doubts whether the Czechs generally want to agree:

From tomorrow, July 9, Czechs who completed the vaccination cycle will not require a Covid-19 test or quarantine when returning to the Czech Republic, regardless of where it comes from (including high coronavirus risk countries). Enough of the completed arrival forms, Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek announced on Twitter:

In June, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš sent letters to citizens who cost about six million crowns (231,7 thousand. Euros). The Prime Minister's advancement, distribution and advertisement paid for the letter calling the government's achievements, distribution and advertising, but A. Babiš denies that this is a campaign for upcoming elections, says the agency ČTK:

The first year of 2021 housing prices in the Czech Republic rose by 11,9 percent. Among the European Union countries, this is the fourth largest increase in prices compared to last year's same period, according to Eurostat data analysis. EU prices increased by an average of 6,1 percent per year.

Yesterday, a charity concert of Czech musicians was held in the central Prague Square to support the tornado in Moravia. In total, people have already donated over 1 billion to this cause. crowns:


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