Lietuvos ambasada Prahoje / Embassy of Lithuania in Prague

Responding to yesterday's incident, when Belarusian plane was not allowed to fly into French airspace, Russia banned Air France from leaving in Moscow if these do not fly over Belarus. According to Reuters, the flight from Paris to Moscow has been canceled, while Air France is asking for new authorization, Lidovky reports. cz ":

Czech UR Minister Jakubas Kulhánekas, who was published in the German newspaper today, says that the Czech awarding to hostile countries is Moscow, not Prague's business card. According to him, the Vrbietice case should not turn into a diplomatic deportation race, but the Czech Republic has important EU support:

The minister of health Adam Vojt chchas, appointed again, said in Parliament today that SAM will seek to enact a law to legalize a Covid-19 vaccine certificate. The current version of the law prepared by the resigned minister P. Arenberger has been rejected and it is not clear whether the law will be passed before the election in October, CTK reports:

Despite the speedy Covid-19 vaccination, there were no suspected deaths last week. A total of 69 such cases were registered at the State Medicine Control Institute (SEED) on Tuesday evening, about 4,8 million were already vaccinated in the Czech Republic. a dose of dosage. People report suspected side effects, the Institute has registered 4791, 280 over a week ago:

Continuing young top 09 politician D. Feri ′′ MeeToo ′′ cases, today with a very dissonating report, one of the Czech politicians veterans, founder of TOP 09, Karel Schwarzenberg. He spoke up against violence, but it's normal that a 25-year-old guy is trying to get a girl into bed. ′′ The news. cz ′′ writes when K. Schwarzenberg invites you not to be fake:

′′ Folks. cz ′′ announces that 3 political parties - ′′ Tricolor ", ′′ Freedoms ′′ (Svobodní) and the Czech Free Entrepreneur s' Party (Party of private Czech Republic) - announced as one party ′′ Tricolor Svobodní Privokromníci ", and so collecting 5 percent needed. of voices:

Portal ′′ ListnZprávy ′′ calls Andrej Babiš's proposal to ′′ freeze ′′ the amount of constitutional officers (parliamentarians, judges) salaries for the next year, and 2022 would be avoided by almost 6 percent increase in salaries. He made the proposal as a member of Parliament, not as Prime Minister:

In the Czech Republic, pharmaceutical companies ′′ Zentiva ′′ together with Karolis University and two other academic partners, the research platform ′′ Parc ′′ is transforming ideas of especially pharmacies produced by Czech science institutions into patents. ′′ According to ListZprávy, ideas worth a billion graduate do not go abroad:

World design publicist platform Deseen, Wallpaper, ArchDaily has seen a successful reconstruction of Brno bus station ′′ Zvonárka ′′ that avoided brutalism architecture (1988). ) construction demolition and interesting modern solutions:


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