Presumed infected

If you're healthy, the Czech state plans to stop paying for your co-

rona tests as of Sept. 1. It will still pay for the tests if you're sick and

showing symptoms, but not if you are the picture of good health.

Until such a person gets a test or a double vaccination, the state

will automatically presume for many purposes that he or she is

infectious, whether it's true or not. The stated effort of Health Min.

Adam Vojtěch is to encourage people to get vaccinated, and forcing

them to pay for regular tests will certainly have this effect on many.

Many others, however, will avoid vaccination and testing at all cost

and will continue to roam the streets, go in food stores and ride

public transportation in a state of presumed infection. Think of all

the people these healthy, untested souls could infect! The state has

already shown that it knows how to deal with such menaces. Re-

member how it banned any interaction that wasn't absolutely nec-

essary, even between family members? Anyone who is "presumed

infected" can simply be denied the right to interact with others.

Except, of course, with those administering an mRNA vaccine.

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