Updated: Sep 25

On the 23th September the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Prague has organized and celebrated the National Day. The prestigious Hotel Hilton in Prague 8 has been chosen as the venue for this event.

The date is important for all Saudi citizens because they can reconnect with their historical and cultural roots. The origin of the date goes back to the year 1932, when the Kingdom was unified. The event in known in local Arabic as Al-Yaom-ul-Watany, and represents a significant moment in the country as well as in its representations abroad. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, streets shows green and white colours, the colours of the flag. Citizens proudly display flags and wear traditional costumes with the national colours of the flag.

Here in Prague, the event has been chaired by His Excellency Abdullah Muteb A. Alrasheed, who recently came to represent his country as an Ambassador to the Czech Republic. The public has been selected and has included, as normal in this type of occasions, a significant number of Guest Ambassadors of other country in Prague. The Business sector has also been represented. In particular, Mr Hans Weber and Ing Milos Janu have joined in representation of the Prague Forum and of the newly created Czech-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce.