Tracking you to the hairdresser's

One of the objectives of the covid project, as Bill Gates made clear a year ago, is to vaccinate everyone on the planet. Another is to get everyone's digital footprint. Remember what the CIA's chief tech officer said about wanting to "collect everything, and hang onto it forever"? Whether data collection is the main objective of the globally coordinated mishandling of the corona crisis is known only to those at the very top. On the Czech level, the confusion about which test results will be allowed for getting a haircut or manicure serves this purpose perfectly. Hardly anyone would go to the hassle of getting an official test after being skewered at work or at school, and companies and schools are aghast at the idea of having to print out thousands of paper confirmations. Up step the eager beavers with their fancy apps that promise to make the process easy, and most people breathe a big sigh of relief. And the CIA and the other nefarious intelligence agencies get the tracking data they crave.

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