Travel Update: Vaccinated Czech Residents Will No Longer Need Tests On Return From Abroad

“From Friday, fully vaccinated Czechs will not have to undergo any test or quarantine, regardless of the country they are coming from,” said Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Jakub Kulhanek this morning. Intensive negotiations are currently underway to relax travel measures with Slovakia. Photo: Freepik.

Czech Rep., Jul 8 (BD) – “It will be enough to fill in the arrival form. This is positive news for Czechs who are now in Spain – the only EU countries in red,” said Kulhanek on social media. We are now waiting for more details.

!Cestován! Od pátku nebudou muset plně očkovaní Češi podstupovat žádný test (ani karanténu) bez ohledu na zemi, ze které přicestují. Bude stačit vyplnit příjezdový formulář. Je to pozitivní zpráva mj. pro Čechy, kteří jsou nyní ve Španělsku – jediná ze zemí #EU v červené barvě.

— Jakub Kulhanek (@JakubKulhanek) July 8, 2021

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also responded to the situation on the border with Slovakia, where many have got stranded in the last few days as Slovakia has temporarily reinstated border controls and closed several border crossings.

“From July 9th to August 9th it will be possible for Czechs, including tourists, to travel to Slovakia immediately after the first dose of the vaccine without the need for quarantine. We are continuing negotiations,” said Kulhanek.

According to the minister, very intensive negotiations are underway with Slovakia on the relaxation of entry measures. In addition to the reopening of all border crossings, which should take place at midnight on Friday evening, Czech diplomats are trying to achieve a preferential regime for those living near the border.

Details on travel to and from the Czech Republic are updated regularly on the ministry website at


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