Unforgiven pub owners

TV Nova showed a sparsely populated Charles Bridge on its news last night and said that it didn't encounter a single foreign tourist there. "Many businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy due to the lack of foreigners," the station reported. The businesses themselves of course already know this, but it's not just because of so few foreigners. Restaurants, bars, hotels, tourist attractions, cinemas, fitness centers and some types of stores are not always enjoying the kind of reopening boom they had expected. People have settled into a new routine, are more asocial, fear the future, are wary of price increases and are confused about what covid restrictions might apply to them. Now Health Min. Adam Vojtěch is talking about requiring restaurants and bars to check the corona status of arriving customers.

"I don't deserve to die like this," pleaded the last small pub owner as he lay wounded on his back. "Deserve's got nothing to do with it," scowled Vojtěch as he pulled the trigger.

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