Prague 5. Mayoress Zajíčková leaves the wall. The opposition has a majority by one vote

The previous opposition in Prague 5 is celebrating a great victory, where thanks to the great result of Prague 5 and the surprise in the form of the success of the SEN 21 candidate, they will manage to get an over-half majority in the council with the help of the Pirates. And this despite the expected success of Mayor Zajíčková’s dual coalition and the decent result of the STAN and ANO movements.

After four years, Prague 5 is changing its political representation. Despite the self-confident pre-election statements of the mayor Renáta Zajíčková (ODS), who led the candidate SPOLEČNÁ for Praha 5, the dual coalition of the ODS and TOP 09 to the elections, it seems that the previous opposition will have the upper hand.

The forces of the two strongest camps, i.e. Prague 5 itself and TOGETHER, are balanced, both entities have ten mandates each.

Then it’s time for relatively simple electoral math. “We will negotiate with all democratic entities, as we already declared before the elections, but basically the most likely composition is the formation of a coalition with the candidates of Prague 5 and SEN 21, where the projection of the programs is the largest,” said the former chairman of the control committee and opposition representative for Pirates Štěpán Rattay.

According to his own words, the six mandates won by the pirate party in Prague 5 correspond to his pre-election estimates, however, the Pirates remain one party of a possible coalition that has experience in the executive branch, which he would like to take into account during negotiations.

“It was dramatic, we watched the development tensely until the last moment, then we already held preliminary negotiations on a possible coalition,” he said of the election weekend. The negotiations should continue on Sunday, which was confirmed to the editors by Monika Shaw Salajová, who led the SEN 21 candidate to the elections together with Senator Václav Láska.

“I’m excited, it’s good that the voters chose a change,” she commented on the results of the elections in Prague 5 already on Sunday morning.

With five seats won in the council, it is a big surprise in this year’s elections, where the party ran for the first time. “We are not completely unknown thanks to the office of Senator Václav Láska, where we have already worked for people from Prague 5 in the past, yet our result exceeded expectations,” Salajová responded to’s question.

However, the opposition’s victory is very narrow, literally by one vote.

“It is a great success for us, but the majority is close, so it will require that we always prepare well and be disciplined for the key points of discussion where it will not be possible to count on the support of the opposition, which we as Prague 5 can guarantee,” said PrahaIN. cz and Pavel Světlík, the top three candidates for Prague 5 and the current representative of the capital.

“The Prague results are a big disappointment for us, I’m sorry mainly because of the people who have done a really perfect job in the municipal coalition so far,” he admitted when asked by the editors. He himself did not defend his position as a representative of the capital, according to his own words, he will devote himself fully to his work in Prague 5.

“All is not lost yet, the negotiations will be interesting and there are many variants in play. In addition, we have Jan Čižínský, who is undoubtedly the best political strategist,” commented Světlík about the possible development of coalitions at the level of the capital city.

It is quite possible that he also employs the current coalition in Prague 5, i.e. ODS, TOP 09, STAN and the ANO movement. Their representatives have one vote less than the coalition outlined above, i.e. exactly twenty. This is provided that they form a coalition TOGETHER with ten, YES with seven and STAN with three mandates. “For now, it’s just the way it is,” responded the current deputy mayor Tomáš Homola to a question from in the STAN election staff around 10:00 p.m. Although the results were even at that moment, he was visibly nervous. Mayor Zajíčková commented on the result as balanced.

“It ended in a de facto draw at five. In the end, Prague won by some thirteen votes. However, she won and I congratulate her on her success,” she commented on the election result for with a traditional thank you to the voters.

“Thank you to everyone who voted TOGETHER and we really appreciate their votes. It is a commitment for us for the following difficult period. I think it is necessary to discard prejudices and look for a stable solution for the next four years,” she answered diplomatically to the editor’s question about the possible post-election distribution of forces.

“First of all, I want to thank the voters, and not only those who supported the YES movement. Negotiations on the post-election arrangement at the Prague 5 town hall are just beginning, we will see in a few days,” Petr Lachnit from the ANO movement added to’s question without further details.


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