Prime Starsummer under the Žižkov Tower

For visitors, there are a number of performances with a plethora of great Czech actors from the end of June to the beginning of September, which will include the likes of Otakar Brousek, Jr., Vaclav Vydra or the energetic Michaela Tomešová, who shines in the musical Grease. Viewers can thus see their favourites in an unconventional setting outside the theatre.

The Chalice Theatre does not faze theater lovers even in the vacation period. For right below the Žižkov tower, Prima is planning a Stellar Summer and several outdoor performances. One of them will be the legendary comedy Runaway Scissors with Otakar Brousek Jr.
“A beautiful comedy where the audience is involved. They play the theater with us for almost two hours, so of course it’s a big experience for us, even though we’re partially prepared and it’s an immense experience for those viewers, because they’ve never experienced this,” said Otakar Brousek, Jr. – actor.
At the same time, runaway scissors will live out their dernière on Prime StarSummer, leaving viewers to say goodbye after many years. For the second time, the actor Vaclav Vydra will also go under the Žižkov Tower with a performance of Never Too Late, with Jana Paulová also co-starring with him.
“In truth, I don’t really care where I play, as long as the game is good and I have good colleagues and good spectators there, it could be anywhere. And that’s what I think came together here at least last year,” said Vaclav Vydra – an actor.
With a refreshment in the form of the musical Grease comes actress Michaela Tomešová.
“We are very happy that we will be able to introduce him for the first time here at the Summer Stage under the Žižkov Tower, because we will be playing at last in the fresh air, so we may even be able to play better, dance better and it will definitely have a different atmosphere, after all it’s about summer love, the whole thing takes place in the summer, so I think the show will get a different vibe, as the young say,” said Michaela Tomešová – actress.
Prima Stellar Summer under the Žižkov Tower will start on Monday, June 26, with a performance of My Best Friend. They will then conclude their programme on September 6 with a performance entitled Money!!!

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