PRODUCTION: Ondřej Vavrečka in Production with Czech/Slovak Docufiction 1+1+1

PRAGUE: Ondřej Vavrečka is currently finishing production while already editing his docufiction 1+1+1, which is estimated to be finished in 2023. The Czech/Slovak project was presented at MIA Rome 2022 and in the New Visions Market of the Ji.hlava IDFF 2022.

Shot on16mm, 1+1+1 deals playfully with the idea of progress, a topic that is becoming more and more pressing in these times of crisis. The film integrates situational acting with joyful elements of musical and meetings with writers and intellectuals in their natural environment.

“The idea of progress became a driving principle and force of modern societies in many fields and nearly none question it. I do it in this film by choosing not to explore it through classical criticism, but through two layered cinematic situations and experiences of real characters”, Ondřej Vavrečka told FNE.

The story progresses through a road film (sometimes a walk film), following the journey of three main characters of whom one is in favour of progress, another fears it and the third one alternately leans to one side or the other.

“The structure of the film is hybrid and its framework is staged by three actors who represent three attitudes to progress. The second layer is based on real situations with real people (scientists, artists and writers) shot in their environments, always having some relation to the idea of progress”, producer Vít Janeček told FNE.

Janeček, who is producing through Czech D1film in coproduction with VIRUSfilm, told FNE that he is open to additional coproducers, mainly for the postproduction stage.

The project received development support of 13,000 EUR in 2019 and production support of 59,000 EUR / 1.5 m CZK in 2021 from the Czech Film Fund. The Slovak Audiovisual Fund is also expected to join. The total budget is 138,000 EUR / 3.45 m CZK.

The shooting started in October 2021 and it is set to wrap by January 2023. The film was shot in the Czech Republic, Canada, Belgium, France and Slovakia in the real locations of the protagonists.

Ondřej Vavrečka studied economics, languages and philosophy. He previously made four long documentaries. His artistic interests include theatre and visual arts.

Production Information:

1+1+1 by Ondřej Vavrečka, credit: d1filmProducer:
D1film (Czech Republic)
Vít Janeček:

VIRUSfilm (Slovak Republic)

Director: Ondřej Vavrečka
Concept and editing: Ondřej Vavrečka, Benjamin Kolmačka
Sound: Jan Richtr, Jan Mesany
Music: Tomáš Vtípil, Ondřej Vavrečka, Ondřej Ježek
Cast: Karin Bilíková, Matyáš Řezníček, Mariana Čížková.  As themselves: Pascal Chabot, Meir Dohnal, Corinne Maier, Naděžda Johanisová, Caya Makhélé, Trevor Goward Peter Wagner, Michal Rataj, Maroš Berák


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