Stainless steel barriers instead of nets on the top of Sněžka

On the top of the highest Czech mountain, builders have started preparing the installation of barriers. More than 100 posts will be embedded in the ground, between which stainless steel chains will be stretched. The barriers on Sněžka should be ready by the beginning of the summer season.

The builders have started digging holes for the concrete footings of the posts.

“The delivery of the footings to be concreted is promised for the first week of June, and the concrete work should start right after that,” said Pavel Klimeš from the construction company installing the barriers.

The administration of the Krkonoše National Park (KRNAP) hopes to increase the protection of nature in the area, which is one of the most visited and most valuable in the Krkonoše Mountains, by building permanent barriers at the top of Sněžka.

Conservationists have permanently installed temporary, meter-high nets on the top of the highest Czech mountain before the primary tourist season.

This is part of a contract worth a total of CZK 17.8 million excluding VAT, which includes the construction of stainless steel barriers on Sněžka but also the repair of a walkway, a viewpoint, and the installation of benches, and the transport of materials by helicopter to the summit.

The investor is the Administration of the Krkonoše National Park (KRNAP). All planned works on Sněžka are to be completed by September 2023 at the latest.

In the first half of August, builders should start preparing to reconstruct the high-mountain walkway from the upper station of the cable car to the top of Sněžka.

First, they have to remove the original one so that the actual repair of the pavement using the ancient brushing technology can take place in September. The work will be carried out while traffic is running.

For nature conservation reasons, the stone laying and brushing can only start after 1 September, when helicopters will be able to fly in, and the stone can be transported there.

Shielding is a method where stones are placed in the path vertically. It is a centuries-old road construction technique that is then very resistant to stress and weathering.

The planned repair of the Sněžka walkway is a continuation of the reconstruction of one of the main access routes to the top of the highest Czech mountain, which leads from the top station of the cable car on Růžová hora.


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