The price of petrol continues to rise rapidly, while diesel has become cheaper

Petrol in the Czech Republic continues to rise significantly, while diesel has become cheaper again in the past week. After roughly three months, diesel is now cheaper than petrol. Natural 95 now costs an average of CZK 46.21 per liter, up 91 cents since last Wednesday. The price of diesel has fallen by 16 cents to an average of CZK 46.19 per liter.

In a year-on-year comparison, fuels are now significantly more expensive than last year, with petrol up by about 14 crowns and diesel by 16 crowns.

The last time petrol was more expensive than diesel in the Czech Republic was at the beginning of March this year, when fuel prices rose to CZK 40 per liter. On March 10, they rose to record highs due to the Russian incursion into Ukraine. Petrol costs an average of more than CZK 47 per liter, while the average price of a liter of diesel exceeds CZK 49.50.

Currently, drivers in the Hradec Králové region are filling up with the cheapest petrol, where a liter is on average CZK 45.84. Diesel is the most affordable in the South Bohemia Region, where a liter is sold for an average price of CZK 45.59. On the other hand, pumps in Prague offer the most expensive fuels, where a liter of petrol costs on average CZK 46.75. Diesel is refueled there for CZK 46.79 per liter.

The government is reacting to the increase in fuel prices by cutting excise duty on diesel and petrol, which will be reduced by CZK 1.50 per liter from the beginning of June to the end of September.

Another change is the end of the mandatory blending of bio-components into diesel and petrol from July this year. The range of vehicles for which entrepreneurs must pay road tax will also be limited. Employees who use low-emission company vehicles, such as electric cars, for private use will receive a tax advantage over conventional petrol or diesel vehicles.


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