The Wine King solemnly announced the results Text and photo: JK

On July 27, 2023 in Prague, Branko Černý, director of the wine project King of Wines, announced the results of the 18th edition of this traditional competition. The proclamation was part of the Representative Royal Basket held on the premises of the Highland Clarion.
The event was moderated by Branko Černý, a certified detractor and tireless organizer of wine competitions, events and projects, who is also the author of many books on wine and comturm of the European Order of Knights of Wine. The first item on the agenda was the public mastertasting, which selected the champion of the competition by a professional jury in front of the visitors.  The second point was the announcement of the results and the passing of the diplomas to the winemakers. The evening included a large tasting of the best-rated wines, followed by a rich rave.
A record 1460 wines were sent to the competition by 182 Czech and Moray winemakers. The absolute champion of the Wine King was Ryzlink Vlašský, Selection of cibébéb, Vinařství Filip Mlýnek, Dolní Danubovice.  · Filip Mlýnek winery submitted the best collection of wines. The highest score, 93.8 points, went to Chardonnay, A Selection of Grapes from the Wine Cellars of Skalak in Kyjov.
The Wine King is a Czech wine project that aims to promote quality domestic wines, to search among them for the best and also to educate the general public. In addition to its own wine competition, so-called wine contests are also part of it. Royal baskets and the Wine King’s Tour. In both cases it is a degustation roadshow, with Košty undergoing a form of degustation, mostly in large hotels for hundreds of visitors, who are always offered around 300 in a competition of top-rated wines. The tour, on the other hand, takes place mostly in wine shops and is aimed at dozens of visitors who taste the 15 most successful wines of the entire competition. There’s also a book coming out in the fall that summarizes all the important information about the competition’s wines and their creators. Thanks to a unique search system, each candidate can look at the current and past years of the competition and each of the wines can also be ordered directly from the winemaker. /
The four five-member panels, made up of leading winemakers, sommeliers and detractors, evaluate wines in a total of eleven categories. Mastertasting is a unique element of the whole project, with the jury selecting the winners of each category of Champion of the entire competition in their final session. He does it live in front of the visitors and with commentary from the moderator.  “I am very happy about this year’s results”, says branko Černý, the director of the competition. “It’s wonderful that even in today’s economically not-so-easy times, the Wine King has been trusted by so many indigenous winemakers. A lot of them have been with us for many years, but this year there have also been 25 complete newcomers competing. Meanwhile, the quality of competitive samples continues to rise. In fact, this year our, I stress very strict, juries awarded a total of 98 large gold medals to wines, which reached 90 points or more out of 100 possible. It has proved once again that our indigenous winemakers can produce world-class wines”, concludes the evaluation of the competition director Branko Černý.
Winners of each category of the 2023 King of Wine Competition:
*1. White wines extradry
Rhine riesling, Grape selection, Vitis Strážnice, 93.6 pts
*2. White wines dry
Rage, Ryzlink Walnut, Late Collection, Filip Mlýnek, Lower Danube, 92.6 pts
*3. White wines semi-dry
Sylvan Green, Selection of Cibebas, Winery No.44, Lower Danube, 93.2 pts
*4. Rosé wines and clarets
Merlot Blanc de noir, Moray Land Wine, Wine Zborovsky, Velké Pavlovice, 90,0 pts
*5. Red wines
Ruland blue, Grand reserva, Grape selection, Vinařství Milan Vašíček, Prušánky, 92,2 pts
*6. White wines semi-sweet
Rhine riesling Joannes, Moray land wine, Lambeck, Znojmo, 92,4 pts
*7. Sweet wines
Ryzlink Vlašský, Selection of civets, Vinařství Filip Mlýnek, Dolní Danubovice, 91,6 pts
*8. Sparkling wines with no residual sugar difference
Frankovka Rosé Frizzante, Moravské zemvíno, Vinařství u kostela, Polešovice, 90,4 pts
*9. Sparkling wines with no residual sugar difference
Chateau Bzenec Brut, Quality sparkling wine, 90,0 pts
*10. Organic wines
Rhine riesling, Moray land wine, Barabáš winery, Strachotice, 88,4 pts
*11. Great wines
Chardonnay, Grape Selection, Skalák Wine Cellars, Kyjov, 93.8 pts


1/ The winner in the sweet wine category was Ryzlink Vlašský, Selection of cibébéb, Vinařství Filip Mlýnek, Dolní Danubovice, 91,6 pts

2/ The winery’s representative Filip Mlýnek takes the trophy for the absolute champion of the entire competition.

3/ Branko Černý, director of the wine project King of Wines ceremonially announced the results of its competitive part.

4/ Mastertasting

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