Tourists are attracted to the Czech Republic by the low cost of eye surgery

The Czech Republic has emerged as a popular destination for medical tourism, attracting tourists from across the globe who seek medical treatment at a lower cost than their own countries. The country is known for its top-quality medical services, particularly in the fields of reproductive medicine, plastic surgery, and eye surgeries.

One of the most sought-after medical treatments in the Czech Republic is eye surgery, which is popular among foreign patients due to the long waiting time for eye surgeries in their home countries, as well as the high cost. In the Czech Republic, eye surgery costs a fraction of what it would cost in countries like the UK, making it an attractive destination for those seeking the treatment. The Prague Eye Center, for example, reports that around 15% of its patients are foreign clients, who come mainly from the UK, Ireland, and Germany, seeking refractive lens replacement and cataract surgery with trifocal lens implantation.

Medical tourism in the Czech Republic is not limited to eye surgery, as the country is also a hub for assisted reproduction services. The FertilityPort Prague clinic, for instance, reports that up to 70% of its patients are foreign clients, who come from countries such as the UK, Germany, and Italy, seeking treatment due to the financial advantage and the expertise of Czech specialists.

Tamara Ždiňáková from the agency Beauty in Prague highlights that Prague is particularly attractive to medical tourists due to its combination of world-class medical services and stunning beauty. The agency provides a full range of services to foreign clients, including airport transfers, accommodation, and assistance with travel documents, ensuring a smooth and seamless medical tourism experience.

In conclusion, the Czech Republic is increasingly becoming a popular destination for medical tourism, offering world-class medical services at a lower cost than many other countries. Eye surgeries and assisted reproduction services are among the most sought-after treatments, attracting tourists from across Europe and beyond. With its combination of quality medical services and stunning beauty, the Czech Republic is poised to continue its growth as a hub for medical tourism.

Article by Prague Forum

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