Weather Update: Czech Republic Prepares for Sharp Temperature Drop and Possible Snowfall in Mountainous Areas

A dramatic shift in weather patterns is on the horizon for the Czech Republic, with enjoyable and above-average temperatures set to give way to a noticeable cooling trend in the coming days. Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová has warned that the nation will witness a substantial temperature drop, accompanied by possible mixed or snow precipitation in mountainous regions.

For the next few days leading up to Saturday, the Czech Republic will bask in above-average temperatures, with afternoon highs surpassing 25°C. Record-breaking temperatures are anticipated during this period. However, this warm spell will be short-lived, as a cold northwest-to-north airflow is poised to penetrate behind an approaching cold front, bringing about a significant change in the weather.

According to Honsová, the onset of colder conditions will be most evident on Sunday, following the passage of a cold front. Cold air will permeate the region, resulting in temperature drops of about 10°C or more. As a result, the beginning of the following week will usher in the arrival of genuine autumn weather, with some areas even experiencing winter-like conditions in higher elevations.

The forecast for the upcoming days is as follows:

  • Thursday: The day will begin with partly to almost clear skies, although the Ústí region may experience cloudy conditions and fog or low clouds in the northeast. Cloud cover will gradually increase from the northwest during the morning, bringing rain or showers to the north and west. Temperature variations will be quite noticeable, ranging from 17°C in the Liberec region to 25°C in the South Moravian Region.
  • Friday: The morning will see more clouds and precipitation in the north and northeast, with sporadic fog. Clouds are expected to decrease in the afternoon, resulting in partly clear conditions. Morning temperatures will dip to 10-14°C, while daytime highs will reach 20-24°C.
  • Saturday: The day is anticipated to feature partly clear to almost clear skies, with localized low clouds in the morning. Minimum temperatures will range from 11-15°C, while daytime highs will climb to 20-25°C.
  • Sunday: Cloudy to overcast skies will prevail, accompanied by rain or showers in some areas. In mountainous regions, this precipitation may transition into snow. Morning temperatures are set to plummet to 5-9°C, with daytime highs only reaching 10-14°C.
  • Monday: The skies will be mostly clear, with increased cloud cover in the north and possible showers, which could turn into mixed or snow precipitation at higher elevations. Morning temperatures will drop to 0-4°C, while daytime highs are expected to reach 8-12°C.

Looking ahead to Tuesday and Wednesday, clear skies are forecast, with daytime temperatures hovering between 8-12°C. Morning temperatures will drop to around 2-3°C, offering a glimpse of the colder days to come. The Czech Republic is preparing for a rapid transition from late-season warmth to the brisk embrace of autumn and, in some regions, even a touch of winter.

Article by Prague Forum

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