Slovenia Increases Toll Fees for Highways and Expressways Effective June 15

In a significant development after a decade, Slovenia has decided to raise toll fees for driving on highways and expressways. The decision, which will take effect on June 15, will result in an average increase of 6.8% for drivers.

Under the new toll fee structure, the annual toll for passenger cars and residential vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons will rise from 110 euros (2,600 CZK) to 117.50 euros (2,774 CZK). Monthly tolls will increase from 30 euros (708 CZK) to 32 euros (755 CZK), while weekly tolls will see a rise from 15 euros (354 CZK) to 16 euros (378 CZK). Motorcycles will also face higher toll fees, with the annual toll amounting to 58.70 euros (1,386 CZK), the six-month toll at 32 euros (755 CZK), and the weekly toll at 8 euros (190 CZK), as reported by Slovenian server Dnevnik.

The decision to increase toll fees comes in response to a request from the highway company DARS, as it seeks to finance planned projects, particularly the construction of a second tunnel tube at the Karavanke Tunnel.

Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek has noted that most Slovenians have already purchased their vignettes for this year, meaning that the price increase will only impact them in the following year.

It is important to highlight that the price of vignettes, which allow drivers to use Slovenian highways, was last raised in 2013. Since then, inflation has exceeded 22%, while the average wage has increased by just over 30%.

Since last year, the purchase of electronic vignettes for driving on Slovenian highways has been made mandatory. These electronic vignettes can be obtained through the official website (

As the new toll fee adjustments come into effect, drivers in Slovenia should be prepared for the increased costs associated with using highways and expressways, while also ensuring compliance with the electronic vignette requirement to avoid any penalties or fines.

Article by Prague Forum

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